Sure, we could use a cure for Covid-19. A vaccine would be appreciated by all but the most strident of anti-vax Ludds. But, barring any kind of major medical breakthrough on the coronavirus front, you can’t convince me that seals singing “Kiss from a Rose” by Seal isn’t the salve needed right now for our afflicted world.

Check out this magic.

This one video makes up for all the crap the Internet is responsible for. 8 Chan, gofundme cancer charity scams, Pewdiepie…this single, joyful work of art makes it worth going through all that garbage.

THIS is the pinnacle of human achievement on the internet.

Some genius asked “What would it sound like if actual seals “sang” Kiss from a Rose from the Batman Forever soundtrack?” Then, he took the time to isolate and edit the vocalizations of pinnipeds and match them perfectly to the vocalizations of Seal, the artist. This endeavor probably took dozens of man-hours. But it is all worth it.

Maybe this could be the start of a whole new musical genre: Cover songs of artists named after animals by the actual animal species they are named after. I know I’m probably too far from the ocean to track and record an actual flock of seagulls. But since I already live in the deserts of West Texas my goal today is clear: to go out and capture a bunch of scorpions and try to teach them the tune to “Rock You Like a Hurricane”.

I will keep you posted on my progress.

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