The Beaches along Northwest Florida reported having a case of sea lice! Lifeguards along the Pensacola Beach posted up Purple flags to warn their visitors.

The Purple flag means a dangerous marine life is present such as sea lice. Some of the beachgoers were not happy about the sensation their beach visit left on their body. Usually, people go to the beach to relax not be a food chain to the dangerous marine life. The people who experienced sea lice said they felt a prickling sensation while still in the water. The Department of Health also said wearing a one-piece bathing suit is not a good idea because it traps the larvae. will explain the effects of sea lice and what exactly you're dealing with.

El Paso may not have a beach nearby but we do have plenty of deserts that surrounds us! Can you imagine if there was such a thing as sand lice in desert cities like El Paso?? Say you could catch sand lice just by a slight brush of wind blowing sand around you? If that were the case, we wouldn't be able to enjoy any outdoor activities! A few outdoor activities we wouldn't be able to enjoy would be offroading, trailing, or having a bonfire at the Wall. El Paso is a huge land of desert and with the winds we have would keep us in quarantine if sand lice existed.

If you've complained about not living near a beach, this is the kind of news that sugar coats the fact we don't!

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