Whether you take your rock heavy, light or somewhere in the middle; there's a singer out there somewhere you can't stand!

Here's a list I found online this morning. I'm sure it could be longer (and probably WILL be longer after you guys start commenting!) but this is a decent start.

During my tme here at KLAQ, I've met several that I would totally add to this list.  Gonna be nice though ... for now.  That's another post for another day!

I'm sure Ray Monroe, Johnnie Walker and Ronson are good with Scott Stapp, Bono and Robert Plant making the list.  I'm good with Danzig being named.  He played a bar here years ago on the east side and backstage before the show, yep ... TOTAL dick wad.

If this list had been written in El Paso back in the '80s, Joe Elliott from Def Leppard would have made it to numero uno!  Seems that Leppard played here, then went on to Phoenix to play the next night. During that show, Joe remarked that El Paso had been louder and that he didn't want them (Phoenix) to be out-cheered by a bunch of "greasy mexicans". (I even found an old article about it. Check it out here!)

That'll get you on the El Chuco sheet list pretty quick!

See who else is up at MSN.com.  Anyone you love and/or hate make the list?