This is a first that I learn of another kind of leech that isn't the usual army green colored looking leech. The giant red leech goes by the name of Kinabalu that can grow up to a length over 50 cm.

BBC caught a battle between a monster red leech and a giant worm on video. You will notice the worm is minding it's own business while the Kinabalu is feeling it's way to find the end. What I don't understand is why the worm waited until the last minute to try and fend for itself. The monster leech definitely gave you one hell of a drastic kill while it used it's muscular throat to crush the worm. The ending is pretty graphic and by graphic I mean you actually see the life being squeezed out of the worm.

This short clip will more than likely leave you feeling bad for the poor worm that was swallowed whole!

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