Sanctuary cities have become a very polarizing topic in today's society. And Governor of Texas Greg Abbott just signed a bill that some love and some hate.

The bill Abbott signed gives police officers the ability to question a detained persons immigration status.

"The reason why so many people come to America is because we are the nation of laws," he said, seconds after dotting his signature on Senate Bill 4 on Facebook Live. "Texas is doing its part to keep it that way."

The ACLU is not a big fan of this bill and are planning to take it to court. They claim the bill encourages racial profiling and will clog Teas jails.

"It will not stand," said Terri Burke, the ACLU's executive director, in a statement.

Protest groups had announced that if Abbott signed the bill on Monday or Tuesday, they would picket the the Capitol. Abbot signed the bill yesterday instead of during the week because:

"As Governor, my top priority is public safety, and this bill furthers that objective by keeping dangerous criminals off our streets," Abbott said in a statement after the Facebook Live signing.

This was also the first time a Texas Governor enacted a law over social media.

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