Todd Arredondo is his name and he will be on the Buzz Adams Morning Show today.

It all started last week when someone posted photos on Facebook of three kids in San Antonio using the bed of a truck as a makeshift POOL. They lined it with a big blue tarp, so a bunch of people online were making fun of them for being poor.

Todd Arredondo via Facebook

Todd didn't think it was funny, and knew they only did it because their parents couldn't afford to buy them a kiddie pool.

So the next day, he figured out where they lived . . . bought them a big blow-up pool for their backyard . . . and delivered it to their house.

Then he asked his friends if they knew any other families who could use a pool for the summer but couldn't afford one. And he got a bunch of responses.

He started a GoFundMe page about three weeks ago . . . raised about 18 GRAND as of last night . . . and has given pools to more than 60 other families already.

He says he's planning to give away about 200 more this summer . . . and he'll probably have to burn through all of his vacation days to do it. But he's fine with that, and wants to turn the idea into a nonprofit, so he can do it EVERY summer from now on.

If you want to donate, just search for "Pools for Kids" on