One persons crap may be another persons treasure, Day 4.

I have lived in the beautiful city of El Paso, TX. for 16 years now and in that time I have collected allot of crap. I have a shed that hasn't been open for over 10 years so I decided to whip open the doors and see what kinda treasures I have hiding in there that other people may need or want. I found these 3 items that I thought I had gotten rid of years ago.

wrestling action figures

1. Because the wrestling chair went so quick yesterday, Lets see how these do. These are World Championship Wrestling Beanbag Brawlers. Each piece is numbered.

Here are:

1. 1x Brett Harts

2. 2x Diamond Dallas Page

3. 1x Sting

4. 1x Goldberg (with bobble head not pictured)

Asking $15.00 apiece OBO

back pack



2. A military camouflage backpack with a 2 quart water canteen and all straps and metal frame.

Asking $50.00 OBO













3. An Army kevlar helmet. No camouflage cover or chin strap. BTW, I have a few duffle bags full of old military wet weather and cold weather gear. Asking $50.00 OBO

Parka Camo

4. Extreme cold weather Parka, Camouflaged, Medium Long.  Asking $150.00 OBO











5. A 1977 Rodeo Belt Buckle. From Arroyo Grande Leather and buckle company/Grants Pass, Oregon. While digging a grave in my back yard, (Better not to ask), I found this buckle. In fair shape for being under ground so long. Asking $15.00 OBO

1977 rodeo belt buckle












6. A pair of Bausch and Lomb Ray bans with original case. Asking ?? Send an offer.

1 pr. Ray Bans with case
photo via Jack Quarles


Once these item are sold, I will dig through and see what other treasures I can find for you.

Because I am still banned from Facebook until Monday, For inquires about the items, please e-mail me at

Have a great week freaks and good hunting to you!!!

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