Rock musicians are sometimes the smartest and dumbest, goes hand in hand. The creative process that enable's them to put out the works of genius is breathtaking. With all the excess that comes with being creative, ever wonder what life experience led to their masterpiece?

Sure there are a ton of lyrics to choose from but this my blog, and one has always stuck out to me. It comes from Guns N' Roses. The lyric in question comes from their song, "You Could Be Mine" from their album Use Your Illusions 2. The lyric in question has always left me baffled a bit. "With your bitch slap rapping and your cocaine tongue you get nothing done!" pretty awesome huh? I thought so too!

Lyrics are another door way into the unknown and the picture they paint is worth more than a thousand words. Whatever the mood a lyric or just a word can beautify or destroy EVERYTHING! Words are weapons that can sometimes make you go HUH?