Collaborations between artists in different genres have become increasingly popular as of late, especially given all the free time everyone has had throughout 2020. Rob Halford recently told People which songs he wishes to perform with pop sensation Lady Gaga — one of her own, and one by Judas Priest.

″[I] instantly knew she was going to be gigantic as an artist,″ Halford said of the pop star. ″I became a big fan of everything that she's done and that's because I love all kinds of music. She's the best at what she does.″

″She's so pure, she's so in touch with herself as a person, and the great, great, great, great things that she's done for the LGBTQ community," he added. ″I would definitely do 'Born This Way' because that's our anthem... As far as Priest songs go, I think I'd like to do 'Breaking the Law' with her because it talks about the frustration that we go through, particularly as young people. You don't know what it's like, you haven't got a clue. You'd do the same thing too, breaking the law."

Halford has praised Gaga in the past, calling her a "metal maniac" and adding her to his "bucket list" of artists to do a collaboration with. Maybe someday soon, it'll happen.

Halford's autobiography Confess is out now — get your copy here, and check out our interview with the Metal God himself.

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