We know Rob Halford for being the iconic front man of Judas Priest, but he's also known for his love for the state of Arizona. Not only does he have a home in the state but he has a deep appreciation for its music scene. So much that he actually started his own band IN Phoenix, Arizona.

Which band did Rob Halford start in Arizona?

Shortly after Rob left Judas Priest in 1992, he would form another heavy metal band called "Fight". This band could be considered a supergroup since some of the past members included Russ Parrish (Steel Panther), Mark Chaussee (Danzig/Marilyn Manson), Brian Tilse (Great White) & fellow Judas Priest drummer, Scott Travis.

The band would only release 2 albums: War of Words on September 14, 1993 & A Small Deadly Space on April 18, 1995.  Both albums would see minor Billboard success as well:

  • War of Words would reached #83 on the Billboard charts
  • A Small Deadly Space would reach #120.

Even though the band only lasted from 1992-1997, their albums still have a bit of a cult classic status to them.

There was another Arizona band that Rob Halford sang with.

Another band from the Phoenix area was Surgical Steel. During the 80s, Rob would see the band perform around town and became close friends with some of the members. One other interesting note is that, Rob would actually sing ON one of their songs; Smooth & Fast in 1984. It's a shame this didn't blow up because I'm sure that would've been done wonders for the band & it would've been interesting to see if there would've been more collabs after that.

Since Rob does love living in Arizona, I'd love to see more of these collaborations appear in the future. Not to mention, that's a great way to kick start local bands careers too...

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