Rihanna has always had a bit of a rocker edge to her fashionista look.  Now someone has revealed what metal band Rihanna said was her favorite! When it comes to pop stars, Rihanna is one who truly moves to the beat of her own drum. Her style, attitude, and confidence are all to be appreciated and admired. The world is RiRi's runway and she uses it to show her love for the rock and metal world. Back in 2014, Judas Priest even posted a photo saying they were to see her rocking their shirt in concert.

That same year, Metal Injection also posted about Rihanna rocking a Krokus shirt while performing with Eminem. Not to mention all the fabulous leather, metal and lace she's always rocking. I've always loved her style! But now, Metal Injection believes they've found even more evidence that Rihanna is either a former or current metal loving badass chick. Tim Blanks, editor at the Business of Fashion, recently took to his Instagram to praise Rihanna for the launch of her brand Fenty's first stand-alone store in Paris. At the same time, Blanks threw some serious shade at the metallers of Slipknot, who Rihanna apparently loves! Or loved. Whatever.

In case Tim wanted to know, Slipknot has earned 10 Grammy nominations and sold over 30 million albums worldwide. They've also had albums hit number one on the Billboard charts and their new album is out August 9th. So, in case you were wondering Tim, Slipknot is doing just fine.

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