As if the heat wasn't bad enough, now it's making things stink! As in smell bad. If you've noticed your drinking water having a rather pungent aroma recently, you aren't the only one. 

Drinking water operator for El Paso Water, Angel Bustamante said:

When the sun light is so intense it breaks through that water and the algae tends to grow a little more.

It's the triple digit heat wave that has hit El Paso that's causing this. Bustamante added:

We have to take the time to adjust (the water) treatment. We have to start adding powered activated carbon and slow down the organic loading in their filters.

According to El Paso Water, the drinking water is completely safe to drink, it just doesn't smell that good. If you do have any concerns about the drinking water you can call El Paso Water's customer service line at (915) 594-5500.

There isn't going to be much of a break this week for El Paso when it comes to the heat. In fact, all three of the Buzz Adams Morning Show cities are going to see crazy high temps. Today (Monday) El Paso and Abilene are looking at highs of 107, and San Angelo is looking at 108. Tomorrow is about the same but San Angelo's high gets up to 109. The, throughout the week, the temperatures will gradually go back down and by the end of the week, the highs are in the upper 90s. Except for San Angelo. Sorry Concho Valley, you're still looking at triple digits until next Monday (7/20).

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