Many UTEP students have to take whatever parking they can find and that is upsetting some Rim Road residents.

Residents of the Rim Road area in west El Paso say too many UTEP students are parking in the area and they want "no parking" zones set up to stop them.  Students say UTEP parking permits are expensive and do not guarantee parking spaces.

“The UTEP students used to park over in the Kern area. The Kern association was very effective in getting parking permits and enforcement in the Kern area,” said Rim Road Homeowner Jason Chapman. “Once that happened all these people migrated over here and it has become exponentially worse.” - KTSM

While this debate rolls on, it's recommended that UTEP students in search of parking use the Park 915 app. It will help them locate available metered parking spaces around UTEP. A new parking garage will add over 700 parking spaces once completed in 2021.

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