There is a reason I have stopped getting on those intense rides you see at carnivals, fairs, and amusement parks. I wasn't like this before in my younger years when I would go to fairs and amusement parks. I was always first in line to get on those scary rides that do all kinds of twist and turns going upside down. I'm older now and after hearing about all those accidents with the rides I choose to NOT get on.

There are some relatives and friends that make fun of me for choosing to skip the scary rides. I will rather be made fun of than experience the terror that this rider did on a ride in Ciudad Juarez. There's a video going viral that shows someone being ejected from their seat while it's upside down. You see the moment of terror happen after going upside down for the second time.

One woman shared a photo of the ride and the buckle on the seat which isn't much. The ride looks kind of similar to the new ride Loco 360 at Western Playland. There was another incident that happened in 2016 at St. Aquinas Church that left a teenager dead and one injured.

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