I couldn't sleep last night after watching this crime biography about former El Pasoan. Serial Killer Richard Ramirez. 31 years ago on this date he was caught in Los Angeles, California.

Check out the interesting story about his life here in the borderland and how it influenced this satanic killer.

Part of my job here is to keep up with local social media post so I scan sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. I get on and check out the latest videos posted on Youtube and I see this crime biography of a serial killer from El Paso named Richard Ramirez.

The story takes you through his crime spree in the 80's and it also shows how life growing up here in El Paso influenced him to start killing. Classmates from Jefferson High were also interviewed about the man who was known as the 'Night Stalker'. Warning this guy was super creepy.

I made the huge mistake watching this right before bed. I kept waking up in the middle of the night just thinking someone was going to break into my apartment and kill me. I thought living downtown was nice but since I moved there in April of this year there has been multiple shootings, killings and my neighbor died outside my apartment complex. Time to move?