Actor James Van Der Beek teamed up with grocer HEB to buy gifts for a Texas mom and her son. 2020 has been a rough year for every and Dawson's Creek actor James Van Der Beek wanted to bring some holiday cheer to a family in his newly adopted home state. Van Der Beek announced on his Instagram that he moved to Texas at the end of September with his wife and five kids. Since then, the family seems to have adjusted well to Hill Country living and are spending plenty of time in the great outdoors.

To show love for the Lone Star state and celebrate the holidays, Van Der Beek decided to give back in a big way. Partnering with Texan adored HEB and the Pop-Up Birthday organization to give back to a single mom and her son. James Van Der Beek and two of his five children went down to their local HEB store to pick out Christmas gifts, decorations, and food for the holiday. The lucky recipient was a single mother named Anna and her toddler Dan. The two have recently moved to Texas and were in need of supplies to start their new journey on the right foot.

In the heartwarming video above, you can see Van Der Beek and his kids strolling through the different aisles, picking out what they think the family would enjoy having for Christmas. While James picks out the necessities, like baking supplies and groceries, his kids are quick to head to the toy aisle and get Dan plenty of fun things to play with. And let's not forget, every home needs a big beautiful Christmas tree to decorate, along with the cheery front door wreath. You can see the entire video above.

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