A tweet about a restaurant in Mexico has blown up in less than 24 hours for its hilarious use of Avengers Endgame footage. Plus, there are tacos. With so many restaurants out there trying to gain your business, it's not surprising that some of them will come up with clever marketing strategies and commercials that will keep you laughing. One restaurant has done just that with their commercial that not only features some delicious looking tacos, but also footage from one of the biggest movies of the year- Avengers Endgame. While Thanos may be "inevitable," restaurant Take Sabroso is "delicioso."

Twitter user @goingonajournie posted this video last night at 11:20 PM and she probably went to sleep after. What she most likely didn't expect was waking up to almost 100,000 likes and 35,000 comments on the tweet. It's easy to see why the tweet about the commercial is doing so well. Really, who wouldn't want to see Thanos twerking beside some delicious al pastor tacos? Check out the commercial below, before Disney's lawyers find out and they take this beautiful goodness from us.

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