For the past four years, Ben Shneiderman computer scientist at the University of Maryland, has been researching tweets to analyze, "patterns based on the topic being discussed, the information and influencers driving the conversation and the social network structures of the participants", according to Which type of tweeter are you?

I am still learning this Twitter thing but there are tons of people who love to tweet out tons of things. If you are addicted to tweeting, you probably fit into one of these categories.

  1. Polarized Crowds - There is little conversation between these people, even though they are talking about the same topic. They aren't arguing but are ignoring each other while trying to prove a point.
  2. Tight Crowds - People who converse with each other often and rarely isolate people. Often follow each other and have conversations that involve different people at different times.
  3. Brand Clusters - These people focus on popular subjects, products and brands. The more someone talked about a brand, the less likely they were connected to each other.
  4. Community Clusters - People discussing popular topics end up in smaller groups, which form smaller groups with their own audiences, sources and influences.
  5. Broadcast Network - This group focus around breaking news and output well-known media. They stick to hub news sources, without connecting to one another.
  6. Customer Service - Are conversations that revolve around a singular source. When customers have complaints they want to handle on twitter, the replies end up disconnecting users.