Buzz is getting a lot of weird attention lately. It isn't because he is hobbling around the streets of El Paso with a horribly messed up foot. It is because people want to lick his foot. Not for fun but for Metallica tickets. It is totally understandable as a rock fan.

Ozzy bit off bat heads. Alice Cooper doesn't play well with chickens. Now, KLAQ Fans can't help but be tempted to lick Buzz Adams' foot. I am not sure if these people have foot fetishes but Buzz's foot is far from the look of a foot model. It doesn't even pass for clean. What is driving these people to propose run their tongues up and down Buzz's foot, is their love for Metallica.

KLAQ via Facebook

Metallica will be performing in El Paso on February 28th, 2019 and the concert is sold out. The only way to get into the El Paso event of 2019 is to win tickets. JUST TO BE CLEAR, we are NOT giving away Metallica tickets by having fans lick Buzz's foot. These fans volunteered to lick his foot. IF we can make this happen, we will let you all know. Until then, keep enjoying all the nasty photos of Buzz's foot.