For the first time in a long time... Dallas Cowboys fans are feeling a RUSH!

After Dak Prescott went down with a throwing thumb injury in NFL Week 1, some thought any legitimate season for the Cowboys was a pipe dream.

Enter - COOPER RUSH. Backup quarterback straight outta Central Michigan University (fire up chips!). Legitimate season a pipe dream? How about legitimizing the season after Week 3!

It's a bit ironic when you think about it. Cowboys fans felt the frustration after letting Amari Cooper go in the offseason. Traded to the Cleveland Browns...for who? For what?

Here's your unfriendly reminder of one of the (probably) worst trades of 2022.
Dallas received: fifth-round pick that ultimately resulted in Matt Waletzko
Cleveland received: Amari Cooper, who easily could have been traded for a first or second-round pick

But now, all the talk is about COOPER Rush. It may not always be pretty, but Rush has a clutch gene, (see Cowboys radio analyst, and huge UTEP fan, Babe Laufenberg's incredible stat below).

Check out more tweets from locals  - and a pretty hilarious visual from Barstool.

As much as Jerry Jones would like us to think this means there is some sort of "quarterback controversy" brewing, realistically there isn't a chance Dak won't start over Cooper when Prescott is healthy.

But in the meantime, Cowboys fans will keep thriving in Cooper Rush land.

Sure did!

Next up for Cooper Rush and the Cowboys? The Washington Commanders travel to Dallas on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 11:00am MT. A completely winnable game at home.


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