Best Cody Tweets
I don't know anything about baseball. I can't even tell you what the championship game is called. The only thing I know about baseball is El Paso Chihuahuas player Cody Decker. Check out some funny and random tweets from the #AntiHero
Researchers Reveal Six Types of Twitter Users
For the past four years, Ben Shneiderman computer scientist at the University of Maryland, has been researching tweets to analyze, "patterns based on the topic being discussed, the information and influencers driving the conversation and the social network structures of the participants", according to Which type of tweeter are you?
Post Game of Thrones Tweets
Game of mother-effin' Thrones, man. Watching this show is like having goldfish as pets. It takes a few weeks before you can finally tell them apart and start having feeling for them as individuals. Then, they die. Red Wedding, I thought. Sounds romantic, I thought.  Red is the color of love, I thought. Why, they'll probably have red crepe and red balloons and.... Oh. I think I know now what the s