Valentine's Day is almost here and almost half of us are single. If you're single and living in New Mexico, it may be a lot harder to find love. The month of February has already begun and the aisles of all the stores are filled with gifts in pink and red with the words "love" written all over them. Valentine's is the holiday people either adore or abhor, depending if you're in a relationship.

If you're single, it can be hard out there looking for a relationship or someone even worthy of your time. According to a new report from WalletHub, it can be even harder for someone in New Mexico. The personal-finance website researched to see which states give singles the best chances at finding love. New Mexico came in close to the bottom of their list, at #41. When looking deeper into their indicators of best states for singles, there were multiple places where New Mexico faired poorly.

New Mexico does have the second highest share of single adults, but that hasn't translated into favorable dating opportunities. In fact, New Mexico has one of the lowest opportunities for online daters, coming at number 48. Some of the things the website looked at were confusing, like how the annual median household income could affect a single person's opportunities to date. In that category, New Mexico did fairly low as well, coming in at number 47.

The crime rates in all 50 states were taken into account, which could factor in your dating opportunities because you're less likely to want to out with someone if you may get robbed. Either by robbers or the person, you're going on a date with. If you want better chances for your love life, I suggest heading across the state line to Texas.

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