It's funny how we freak out over quite a bit of rain when other cities have it way worse than we do. Last year I remember when this part of I-10 West flooded in November and cars had to merge into the far left lane.

Xrdman D captured this flood that took place on the freeway as he was heading out west. You will notice how bad it got for the car that he was originally behind after the Porfirio Diaz exit. The freeway was bad enough that the white car had to just completely stop and let others pass. This weather is severe for us because of how easily our roads flood and cause severe accidents. But this is considered small to those who usually get it worse and consider our weather a piece of cake. If you were driving on I-10 West early November and got caught in this flood, this will take you down memory lane.

You always have to be prepared when it comes to El Paso weather simply because it's bi-polar at times!

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