If you have always wondered what the differences were between a category 1 through a category 5 hurricane, this will settle your curiosity. This Meteorologist Mark Elliot goes through each category of the hurricane explaining what kind of damage each does.

Leguna published this a few years ago of Mark explaining the different kinds of damages that are caused by the different categories of a hurricane. Now remember the hurricane winds damage all depend on the category and can really be catastrophic. A category one is not that bad since the demonstration shows a few shingles from the roof fly off with 96 mph winds. Then flying into a category two starts at 96 mph winds sky rocketing to 111 mph causing windows to break. After, category three starts from 111 mph winds rushing to 130 mph which causes trees to bend over. As for a category four, those 154 mph winds will definitely do damage to your surroundings like tearing off the roof to your house. Finally, a category five which we would hope to never see or hear of is the worst to experience. It will cause the walls of your house to really and literally fall apart with 180 mph winds.

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