If you need a picker-upper I have then this throwback video should do the trick! This local got to represent El Paso many years ago on American Idol. It's always exciting to see an El Pasoan make it on a national television show like American Idol. Regardless of them making it to the finals, it's still nice to see them in the spotlight. This local dude, Kenneth Berba, had no shame strutting his stuff for all to see!

Kenneth definitely shocked the judges, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson in the clip above. Steven Tyler was also another judge but the video didn't even capture what he had to say. I honestly believe Steven Tyler enjoyed  Kenneth's energy during his audition. Kenneth Berba was an audition I enjoy remembering and can't ever forget! For us, it may be nice to relive those funny times that are at someone else's expense. Props to Kenneth Berba's bravery for at least making it on national television the way he did!

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