Remember that waterpark the City was going to build after they demolished Cohen Stadium in Northeast El Paso? Well, they're still building it.

It was about a year ago when City Council held a number of public meetings to ask Northeast El Pasoans what they would want in the place of the rundown Cohen Stadium. There were a couple of ideas floated by City Council including a hotel and apartment complex that didn't go over well with area residents. Council ultimately decided to build a waterpark and Cohen was demolished.

My husband is taking care of his parents who live in the northeast part of town and he drives past Cohen every morning. He was able to catch this video of the continuing work at Cohen and it gives you a good idea of what the park will look like when we are finally able to poke our heads out from the coronavirus outbreak stay-at-home orders we are all living under.

It looks like a nice water slide. Hopefully it can open up next year because it's not going to open this summer. City Council announced on earlier this month that they not be opening the new resort-style water parks this summer as was expected due to concerns over the COVID-19 outbreak.

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