The New Red Light King video for "Born To Rise" should have been called "Born To Ride"!

The latest single from Red Light King is "Born To Rise" and the video that goes with it rox!

Red Light King, otherwise known as Kaz and Jules, have got a great ear for music ... as well as an eye for nice bikes!  The band name is a nod toward Kaz and his Dads love of drag racing when he was a kid in Canada.  Apparently his love of horsepower doesn't stop at cars.

Red Light King are not only talented songwriters, they put together killer vids too.   Some really sweet bikes and a few good bike stunts went into this one, (which is always a good thing), AND ... as you can see in the pic ... stunt men need not apply!

Check out the video below and listen for the song to be featured during Monday Night Football games this season!

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