Red light cameras are nothing new. In fact, I've lived in enough places with really, really bad drivers to know that they are probably pretty essential. When I first moved to Florida, it took less than a day to realize that people down there thought of the red light as a mere suggestion. I think one time I saw six cars go through a red light. Not from when it turned yellow. There was a few cars that went through that. The light was red, and six more cars went through.

Portland wasn't quite as bad with red lights. But that's because they really do crack down on red light runners. If a cop is there, you will get a ticket. I saw cops sitting at a light that people were running in Florida and they just sat there.

Since I've been in El Paso, there seem to be red light cameras everywhere. I do think red light running is an issue here, but certainly not as bad as Florida. But, it might get to the point that red light cameras are banned in the state of Texas. Although, from what I've heard, they might be sort of pointless, at least here in El Paso, because people can still blow the red light and

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