Serious audiophiles are all about vinyl these days. What's vinyl worth though?  Not autographed copies, or limited editions or anything special. Just ordinary copies of common albums.

Complete CDs range from $10-$20. Vinyl records, generally, go for about the same. Better records however, sees the emotional value of records, as well as the financial, and boy do they tack it on.  They charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars for LPs that aren't really any different than those you'll find at the swap meet this weekend.

For example, they just reduced the debut release by Black Sabbath from $399 to $299. My copy however, I'll let go of for $90.  Ok, $50.  $39.99?  Fine, I'll trade it to you for a 12 pack.

(That's still not the best deal either, Ebay only wants $10.)

Owner Tom Port said:

“I’d like to charge $1,500, because that’s what I think these records are worth.” “But I don’t, because the customers balk.”

Really? They balk at $1,500 huh?  Tightwads.  I get it and I appreciate vinyl to but check out the crazy prices these guys want for records that, even in pristine condition, rarely top $20.