The musician and former El Pasoan is working on a new project and it's gonna be FAST!

Al Jougensen's new project, Surgical Meth Machine, has one particular goal which Al explained to Metal Hammer Magazine.  Careful, the video is NSFW.

"I want to do, before my days in music are done, the fastest album in the history of human kind or computer kind. I don't want anything less than 220 or 240 bpm [beats per minute], I want a lot of political shouting and social commentary. If you can do it that fast, good luck to you. That's what I'm gonna try. And that's gonna be my final parting shot — just the fastest record in the history of the world. To make a 50-minute CD, I'll probably need about 30 songs."  He continued: "I just wanna do something so over the top that [I will have] left no stone unturned. I've done country, I've done jazz, rock, pop… I've done everything. I just wanted to leave with something that's just gonna… maybe, in about twenty years, people might understand it. As times get more frenetic, it might fit in. It won't fit in next year, or the year after, or the year after, but that's fine; I can wait. Just leave it out there, and just go out with a bang."

I can't wait to hear this...