A list of the best tamales in Texas was recently released and an El Paso restaurant made the cut.

Tamales are a necessity in El Paso, especially at Christmas. Just in case you don't already know, tamales are a Mexican staple made out of masa, (which is a corn based dough), that is steamed in a corn husk and filled with a mix of chicken, beef or pork, along with cheese and/or veggies in a spicy sauce mix.

You can also do vegan tamales and, in the days following Thanksgiving, turkey shows up in some tamales too.

You can make, or order, yours with any combination of stuff really. There are plenty of places around El Paso to get tamales including spots like Gussies Tamales & Bakery, Tamales Lupita, L & J Cafe and Bowie Bakery just to name a few.

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps

The restaurant from El Paso that made the Yelp best of list was Pepe's Tamales

The Yelp list shows the best 25 restaurants for tamales across the state of Texas. San Antonio got two spots on the list and Lubbock got one. Those are the two Texas cities closest to us here in the 915.

If you want to try and make your own but don't have a recipe, you can try one of the following links.

Or, you can just do the smart thing and head over to Pepe's. I'd go with that idea.

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