I don't hide my love for cosplay or other cosplayers. Cosplay is when people dress up in costume and take on the identity of the character they have chosen to become. Yes, it is incredibly geeky. You usually find tons of cosplayers at comic conventions, and some people even make a career out of the cosplay industry. Robert Franzese has become the newest cosplay celebrity as the real-life Peter Griffin. 

Back in 2012, Franzese caught the attention of cosplay lovers as Peter and won over many Family Guy fans with his spot on impression. Even though this video is a little late, since New York Comic-Con happened back in October, the awesomeness of this cosplay will forever live on through YouTube.

BOOM! Big Pants actually went with Franzese to record his experience at NYCC and has just posted the video to their YouTube account. Thank you BOOM! Big Pants, you have given Family Guy fans the Peter Griffin we all need.

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