Comic-Con International: San Diego 2014 is a pop culture convention that brings the biggest stars in comics, movies, television, games and almost anything you can think together for one glorious entertainment orgy. After I managed to get over my mourning of missing out on Comic-Con again, I have been obsessing over the cosplay being displayed all over social media.

There is still one more day left, but cosplayers have really brought their best outfits this year. Check out some of my favorites!

Probably the only way you can properly cosplay the cult favorite, "Sharknado."


Disney's Maleficent and Mortal Kombat's Jade is just too much awesomeness for me!

Love this Joker, creeps me the hell out! Only a mother or psycho girlfriend could love that face!

Hocus Pocus is one of my favorite movies! If only I could get my friends to dress up with me!


Wreck-It Ralph's Vanellope came out to Comic-Con in her sweet car! This is some great dedication to cosplay!

These parents are raising their little girl right!

Love the unique choices. Who would have thought The Hulk could be a Playboy Bunny?

Everyone eventually has to retire...

The new Teenage Ninja Mutant Ninja Turtles are nothing compared to the old school costumes. Love them!

The turtles better watch out for this smoking hot Shredder!

If you thought the Teletubbies weren't creepy enough, someone made them into zombies.

The coolest and hottest celebrity that cosplays every year is Adrianne Curry! This year, she is a smokin hot Poison Ivy.

Even cosplay at night is pretty awesome.

One of my favorite shows Robot Chicken, seems pretty uncomfortable to cosplay.

Incredibly creative and gorgeous. Cosplay goddess Amber Arden, will you teach me your ways?

This already beyond creepy meme is now an actual costume. EW.

This has to be the best one of 2014 San Diego Comic-Con! Apocalypse looks like he just came off the movie set. I even googled if this was an actual person or a statue, and it's human. Marvel was even impressed with this one.