TxDot Messages

The Valentine's Day spirit is definitely in the air and for all to see! TxDot has so many clever ways of convincing you to buckle up. Especially with the message they came up for this particular day. Valentine's Day is frowned upon by those who are minus one this time of year. After dropping off my little ray of sunshine, I began to feel bitter (for other reasons) because of this damn day. Low and behold I come upon the sweetest message as I was heading East. It happened to pure luck that I decided to look up at the TxDot sign. The greeting sure did put a smile on my face and changed my mood real quick. This isn't the first time TxDot has us do a double take while we're driving on the road. Their message touched my heart so much I had to take a detour to get pictures of it! I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day

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