Whenever an artist leaves El Paso to make something of themselves, it's a wonderful feeling. Some artists like The Mars Volta, Krystal Poppin (who recently was chosen to go on tour with Ice Cube) or Khalid have become HUGE successes in the music scene. The singer Flores was born in El Paso & you might have seen her perform at the 2022 SXSW Music Festival.

Flores put out her EP in May called The Lives They Left & she's been gaining a bit of attention for her unique blend of R&B & electronic. So much so, Rolling Stones Magazine did an entire feature on her. In the article, she talked all about her growing up in El Paso & Juarez how her experiences helped influence her writing, calling it a "gorgeous tribute" to El Paso. She mentions a lot of her past experiences in her song called, fittingly, "915". There she mentions hanging out in Album Park & at the Whataburger parking lot until 3am.

915 is not the only song she brings up her childhood in El Paso. Talking with The Daily Texas, she went into extensive detail about living on the border when writing "American Dirt".

Usually whenever El Paso has story written by Rolling Stone, it's usually a news story; you don't see musicians or bands get featured. The last time that I remember was back in 2019 when Khalid launched the Music & Fine Arts Foundation. And before that, Cigarettes After Sex was mentioned in 2016 as one of the "artists you need to know".

So to have an El Paso musician have an entire article based around them, it's refreshing! I'd love to see more local artists get talked about or interviewed by these huge publications...

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