There is a comedy show that is going down in San Elizario, this weekend. You should be familiar with the following comedians, Ponchi Herrera, Iggy Samaniego, Rafael Molina, Israel Garcia, and last but not least, Raymond Orta.

If you're not familiar with these guys, then this weekend is a great time to get to know them.

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This group of guys, aka Los Barrio Boys of Comedy, are ready to get back on stage and bring the laughter to El Pasoans. There's nothing like a group of funny comedians making your cheeks hurt. This group of guys will have you laughing your tush off from the moment they start to when they finish.

You can catch these guys doing their thing at Pistoleros del Adobe Cantina and Grill in San Elizario.

The best way to catch a comedy show like this is where you can eat and drink. Although, eating during a comedy show might not be a good idea because of the possibility of choking.

You can check out Los Barrio Boys of Comedy this Friday, July 30. There are different sections that still have seats available for the upcoming show. If you would like to attend, you can purchase your tickets or reserve a VIP table by clicking here.

They are selling VIP tables as well if you prefer to be up close and personal.

I've listed a few samples of skits from the guys below so you can get a sample of their humor.

Raymond Orta

Israel Garcia

Rafael Molina

Iggy Samaniego

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