It's always interesting when you spot random things that catch your attention on the road. I was heading to Hueco Tanks State Historic Site on Hueco Tanks Road when something caught my eye. There is a bright neon pink concrete bench that sits alongside Hueco Tanks Road. This pink bench sits out in the middle of nowhere and off the shoulder of Hueco Tanks Road. The pink bench had me do a double take after I drove right by it.

After leaving the Hueco Tanks State Historic Site, made sure to keep an eye out for that pink bench. It popped back in my views which was on the opposite side of the road. Pulled over and crossed the road to be one of the many or few to sit down on it. I am very curious about the story behind this pink bench that sits perfectly centered in front of a tree.

It baffles me how this pink bench sits out in the middle of nowhere just like the underground school bus and the abandoned orphanage. If you know the story behind the pink bench alongside Hueco Tanks Road feel free to share!

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