Have you ever pictured your perfect day in El Paso? I sure have! I would start with breakfast at The Clock, go for a walk at San Jacinto Plaza, do some shopping downtown, make a caffeine stop at Coffee Box and round out with dinner at Cattleman's and finish the night with drinks at The Toolbox!

Well, if you haven't planned your perfect day in El Paso, then maybe this TikTok travel influencer can you out and give you some ideas of what to do in the Sun City.

In her video, Leona Marlene, whose bio says she "sold everything to travel", came through El Paso and did everything that I'm sure you have told out of towners to do. Check out what her perfect day in El Paso is all about below:

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I love how she starts out with coffee at Coffee Box, because that is definitely a great start to your day!

Leona also has a video on the best restaurants in El Paso, which I'm sure many of you have an opinion on!

Okay, this is the second time she has mentioned Morra Mia and now I have to know what all the buzz is about at that restaurant!

And to round out her El Paso series, Leona posted a video where she's hiking through Hueco Tanks- but be warned, it drops a lot of NSFW words!

Leona has other videos of her travelling around the world, and it's nice to see that she has added El Paso to her list of travel places- and that it was a positive experience!

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