El Paso, Texas is filled with so many unique people. Our Bordertown usually draws attention from the media for negative things happening at the border of Mexico. What many seem to overlook is the positivity always happening among residents.

You can find the beauty of El Pasoans in photos they post on Instagram. You know many Instagram users put a lot of thought into the photos they are publishing to social media, so I might as well give them a little more love for sharing their lives with the world.

This El Pasoan is rubbing her swim day in all of our faces.

I can't wait to take my daughter to car shows, she will be amazed by all the shiny things.

A nice outdoor hike with smiling people scares me. They must be tired but they aren't showing it.

This stunning makeup creation has us jealous.

A recap of an awesome event that we hope many El Pasoans enjoyed.

Our very own Iris Lopez has a big fan and we are here for it.

My new spirit animal, El Paso Mountain Goat.

A puppy on a piano. What more do you want?

Sometimes you need to look at a plant from a different perspective. This one is looking pretty lovely.

Everyone needs a photo in front of some giant cherries. This girl knows how to pose in front of fruit. Now if only we can get more giant fruit painted around town.

Here's Where To Find All 9 Of El Paso's Balloon Mural Series:

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