Delilah Rene the famous radio host will be taking a break from work due to a family loss. Recently her son committed suicide and will be taking some time off to heal her wounds.

You remember Delilah from being the uplifting spirit and helping those who call her with their sad stories. Well unfortunately Delilah experienced a tragic life event herself recently and is going to take time off from work. Her son recently took his own life earlier this month on October 3. She did state that he was being treated for his depression and counseled with the support of all his family and friends. She raised 13 children (10 are adopted) all on her own as a single parent. No one can really fully recover a child's death but I am sure she has everyone's support after this.

It's not easy to find words to say to someone who's suffering a loss,  but hopefully she remains strong and can find peace.

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