Being couped up in a room by yourself can lead you to do questionable things. I don't get a lot of visitors here in the studio so when I see someone close by I act on it!

I usually don't like to pull pranks on people but it's not my fault our mailman parked in front of the window. If you've ever been to or driven by the studio, you know you can't see us inside. The only time you can see inside the studio is at night and that's if the curtains are open. I quickly ran over while he was getting stuff situated and started recording and knocking on the window really loud. Not sure you will be able to hear me knocking because of how high I turned the volume up in the studio. If you recognize this cool dude, or if you're reading this cool're a champ!

So if you ever visit and park right by the window and hear knocking it's just little old me saying hi!

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