This is our first video in what may become a series. We call it “Prop Bets”. But instead of the kind of prop bets like “How long into his set will it take for Adam Levine to take of his shirt and show us his ink, which look like he just walked into a tattoo shop, took a page out of the binder/folder and said, ‘Give me this entire page, just like this, on my torso.’ “ we’re talking about the kind of prop you might use in Improv comedy. The “bet” part is that we “bet” Buzz he can’t come up with 10 jokes about the prop, which he doesn’t see ahead of time, in just 90 seconds.

So, how do you think Buzz will do? Granted, success or failure may depend a lot on what kind of prop he’s given. Some objects, like “rock”, lend themselves to puns. Others, like “vintage 1968 velvet Chesterfield sofa”…maybe not so much. My feeling is we’re starting off with kind of an easy prop hear for this first episode.

Here’s the video of our first “Prop Bet” challenge:

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