Remember a few years ago when LeBron James had to be carried off the court because he was too busy crying about his leg cramps? Throw that in with all the flopping and the NBA has become unwatchable. Which is why I've made the switch to the NHL this year.

If you need someone to sum up hockey players, here's Thad Castle from Blue Mountain State.

And now here is your proof of how hardcore hockey players are. Joe Thornton of the San Jose Sharks played in the Stanley Cup Playoffs with a torn MCL AND ACL. He suffered the injury back on April 3rd and sat out the remainder of the regular season and the first two games of the Sharks series versus the Edmonton Oilers. He then proceeded to play game 3 through 6 with the torn MCL and ACL.

So there you go Lebron. Sit out with your cramps. Hockey players are too busy being men.

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