Armando Cabada, Mayor of Ciudad Juarez can relate to waiting in long lines with a full bladder! Armando Cabada had those who need to use the bathroom stat in mind. He had some portable toilets installed at every bridge. He set them up to help out those who really can't hold it any longer. Because when you gotta go, you gotta go! Mayor Armando Cabada of Ciudad Juarez set up the porta-potties since the wait times have gotten longer. He posted an image displaying the porta-potties set up on the Bridge of the Americas to his Facebook page. The portable toilets are free to use but unsure about the toiletries. Because EVERYONE knows it costs for a few squares of toilet paper. But say there was a fee to use the portable toilet, would you pay up? Or would you hold it until you reach the next actual bathroom you come across? Leave your toll in the poll down below!

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