Frustrated by the way Donald Trump seems to keep screw us? Well, someone though he does it so well he should be on a porn site.

After the shocking win of Donald Trump this November, many wondered what would happen with President Trump in office. Now we know, as the President has been signing executive orders left and right about everything from the controversial DAPL to reinstating the Mexico City Policy.

While some find the progress the new President is achieving good, others feel that the new president is screwing us over and over again. Thus, someone had the bright idea to put the inauguration of President Trump on the adult website Pornhub. The video, titled "Old rich white guy f*cks the whole country" is indeed hilarious and possibly true. But alas, whoever uploaded this video wasn't the first one to think of this idea.

Back in June, a Pornhub user uploaded the video of Pro-Brexit Boris Johnson with the title  "“DUMB BRITISH BLONDE F*CKS 15 MILLION PEOPLE AT ONCE.” Although Trump's video isn't an original idea, it's still pretty hilarious. Until you watch the news and realize that this is indeed real.

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