Exciting news for fans of Santa Fe Grill, the favorite burrito spot located inside Pik Quik gas stations across Las Cruces. About a year ago, we told you that the Pik Quik gas stations across Las Cruces were being turned into Circle K gas stations. Many fans of Santa Fe Grill were worried that their favorite spot to grab a quick burrito was going to close, but thankfully that wasn't the case.

The main Santa Fe Grill location responded to KLAQ's inquiry and assured us that the owners of Santa Fe Grill, Juan Morales and his family, agreed to continue leasing their locations inside the Pik Quik gas stations but in the past few months they began closing some of their locations. By the end of the year, only two original Santa Fe Grill locations were still open inside the gas stations, but thankfully the owners have their eyes on their next locations.

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According to the Las Cruces Sun-News, the Morales family will be opening two new standalone restaurants in the Las Cruces area. One restaurant is located at the old Jake's Cafe on Lohman, and the second restaurant will be at the former Forghedaboudit restaurant in Picacho Hills. Juan Morales' daughter Mariah Baeza told the Las Cruces Sun-News while people know and love his burritos, he has more recipes he's ready to wow the public with:

"People are so used to our Santa Fe Grill burritos but then they don't know our entrees that my dad has under his belt."

Learn more about the history of Santa Fe Grills at the Las Cruces Sun-News website.



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