New Mexico Pik Quik gas stations are being turned into Circle K's, but what does that mean for the delicious Santa Fe Grills located inside?

In college after a night out on the town, the place where you could find plenty of drunk, hungry college kids was inside your local Pik Quik gas station. It looks like an ordinary gas station from the outside but inside was a restaurant with one of the most delicious burritos you can get in Southern New Mexico.

Santa Fe Grill was the go-to spot in college when you needed a quick meal on the go. The burritos were made to order right there in front of you and they were filled to the top with delicious meats, cheese, veggies, and whatever you wanted. You wouldn't expect this quality of food from a gas station but Santa Fe Grill always delivers, fresh, hot, filling food just the way you want.

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The news broke this week that Las Cruces City Council voted to transfer the liquor license of 13 Pik Quik stores in Las Cruces to Circle K, according to KVIA News. A store in Hatch, New Mexico is already approved, while 6 stores in Deming and Doña Ana County are still pending approval. Circle K company owns thousands of gas stations and convenience stores across the country, but the chain is also known for supplying its own food in the stores.

This made me think- what's going to happen to my favorite hole-in-the-wall joint in Las Cruces? Are the Santa Fe Grill locations conveniently located inside the Pik Quik gas stations going to close? I was worried.

I called the main Santa Fe Grill location and spoke to someone who was able to give me hope. According to Santa Fe Grill, the owners have agreed to continue leasing their locations inside the gas stations for at least the next year. Santa Fe Grill burrito lovers can now breathe a sigh of relief.

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