The Pope has once again given us another jewel of wisdom to follow, breaking more barriers for the Catholic religion.

Pope Francis was leaving the Philippines on the papal jet, when he spoke to reporters regarding Catholics and reproduction. Pope Francis said Catholics have a moral responsibility when planning their families, and that they do not need to "breed like rabbits."

The Pope didn't go as far as to support artificial birth control, however.  He reiterated the Catholic church's ban on artificial birth control methods. He said that there are plenty of natural birth control methods that the Catholic church approves of.

Pope Francis also said that no outside influences should tell countries what the "ideal" family size is. African bishops have long voiced their frustration that western ideas of family size, birth control, and gay rights have been pushed on developing nations, usually tied to developmental aid. The Pope said,

Every people deserves to conserve its identity without being ideologically colonized.

These comments by the Pope show his more conservative side, while the media has long focused on his personable attitude. Read more on the Pope's comments on the USA Today website.