Some people don't agree with breastfeeding in public, but we know where Pope Francis stands on this issue! Bring on the breastfeeding in church. Yesterday, Pope Francis baptized 33 infants at the Sistine Chapel and told mothers to go ahead and breastfeed the babies if they got hungry. The Pope told the mothers,

"You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them, don't worry."

The Pope told the mothers the same thing last year, explicitly telling the mothers to go ahead breastfeed if their children cry out in hunger. The Pope made the comment to make the mothers feel more at ease when breastfeeding in the chapel. Pope Francis baptized the 20 girls and 13 boys, and told the mothers to remember all the mothers around the world "who can't give food to their children."

Everyone knows what a big fan I am of Pope Francis and his new revolutionary way of running the Catholic Church and the Vatican. What do you think of Pope Francis' statement? Do you think women should be able to breastfeed their children inside of the church? Or should they leave, breastfeed their baby and come back? Post your comments below!

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