Back in 2012, Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama by a landslide in Texas, 57.2% to 41.4%. That gap is significantly smaller for Trump over Clinton. Trump has been hovering around a 6 point lead in the state of Texas. There have even been some articles posing the question if Clinton could possibly win Texas.

Even if Clinton doesn't win Texas, but does become the next President, a recent poll found something rather interesting. Now please take into account this info comes from Public Policy Polling. It leans very left when it comes to its polls, and it also was the poll that came up with the question of whether or not Republican primary voters supported bombing Agrabah, the fictional city from Aladdin.

PPP found that most Texans have an unfavorable opinion both major party candidates. Clinton has 59% while Trump has 53% unfavorable. But there were some more interesting numbers PPP found. They found that 1 out of 4 Texans generally favor seceding from the US. However, when they asked just Trump supporters from Texas, they found that 3 out of 5 favored seceding if Clinton wins the presidency.

I might think that seceding is a bit of a leap, but I do have to admit, that with this election, I am leaning on the side of secession or moving away for about 4 to 8 years. But that's pretty much regardless of who wins, unless Gary Johnson somehow pulls out a victory.